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Freshwater Fish Mounts
Welcome!  If you have recently landed and released a Trophy Gamefish, you have come to the right place!  We are considered by World Class Sportsmen to be experts at handcrafting the most absolutely beautiful mounted fish that you, you friends and family can admire for years to come.
Freshwater Fish Mounts. We offer a full line of Freshwater Fish Replicas, including both Cold and Warm-Water Species.  Commemorate your first Bass, Trout or Pike with a stunning lifelike reproduction created specifically to represent your actual catch.   Noted for their interpretations of color and motion, King Sailfish’ artists remain masters of fine detail, producing the finest hand-made salt and freshwater fish replicas available.  Every KSM original fish mount is carefully painted by our experienced artists who custom blend translucent colors in layers to acheive an exciting high depth of color.

Once the species and approximate size has been determined, our artists can begin to create your trophy.  At King Sailfish, we individually craft each mount by hand…!

Custom Painting.  The most critical stage of the production process occurs during the final painting.  This is where your mount becomes authentic, unique, and unlike any other.  Using a generous combination of transparent lacquers, pearls and iridescent colors we take pride in capturing the “look” of a truly Lit-Up fish.  Of course, a balanced, built-in hanger comes standard with each mount.

Custom Painting - Freshwater Fish Mounts

“Nick, I have never seen more realistic marine mounts. From the Pacific ocean to my wall ! Thank you very much for the fantastic job ! If you need any pictures after they are hung or a testimonial/reference please let me know ! Hopefully I will be sending you additional orders from myself and friends-Have a great day !”

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