• Saltwater Fish Mounts

    Saltwater Fish Mounts


Expect the best in every mount

From specs to coatings, every inch of our Saltwater Fish Mounts are designed to match your best catch and built to last for years to come.

  • Custom Painting

    Custom Painting

  • Eyes That Look Alive

    Eyes That Look Alive

  • Acrylic Teeth

    Acrylic Teeth

  • First Generation Molds

    First Generation Molds

  • Custom Saltwater Fish Mounts

    Custom Saltwater Fish Mounts

    At King Sailfish Mounts, we individually craft each saltwater fish mount by hand one-at-a-time. We offer all sizes and species of the most popular fish worldwide. Our custom fish mounts are constructed of lightweight composite materials and are cast from pre-existing molds originally taken from carefully selected fish specimens to ensure visual perfection. We do not accept or use any actual fish parts on any of our mounts. Our mounts are intended for the Catch & Release sportsman. Once your species and approximate size has been determined, our artists begin to create your trophy mount.


  • Need Help Designing A Custom Saltwater Fish Mount?

    Need Help Designing A Custom Saltwater Fish Mount?

    Give us a call directly at 954-784-8377 or contact us below to speak a with a member of our team.

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