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    Gar Overview

    If you’re in search of an exceptional Alligator Gar Mount for your collection, look no further than King Sailfish Mounts! Our expert artisans individually handcraft each Fiberglass Fish Mount with meticulous attention to detail. Using advanced airbrushing techniques, we recreate the striking color patterns of each species for an incredibly realistic and vivid effect.

    The Alligator Gar, known for its elongated snout and bony scales, is a freshwater & saltwater fish found primarily in North and Central America. They are an ancient species dating back to the Late Jurassic period and are known for their prehistoric appearance. Alligator Gars are carnivorous and have a diet that consists mainly of fish, but they are also known to consume crustaceans, insects, and small mammals.

    In terms of behavior, Alligator Gars are generally solitary fish and are most active during the day. They are ambush predators and use their elongated snouts to snatch their prey quickly. Alligator Gars are also known for their ability to breathe air, which allows them to survive in oxygen-poor environments. They often gulp air at the water’s surface, making them easy to spot for anglers and other wildlife enthusiasts.

Custom Fish Mount - FAQ

What is a Release Mount?

A Release Mount is a mount of your trophy fish produced without any of the actual fish parts. Almost all saltwater mounts are Release Mounts, which are constructed of lightweight composite materials and are cast from pre-existing molds. These mold impressions were originally taken from carefully selected fish. Your authentic mount is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind.

How long will my mount take to create?

Normal lead time is 4 to 6 weeks. Expedite Service is available on most mounts as an add-on. Each task requires precision workmanship and must pass final inspection before moving on to the next process. You can rest assured that no compromises are ever taken in the production of your custom mount.

How are mounts attached to the wall?

It hangs like a picture. A sturdy hanger comes balanced and installed in each mount. All that is required is a screw or nail to be inserted into the wall. Our lightweight mounts are produced using hollow-cast fiberglass. For outdoor locations, we offer a 2-piece stainless steel hanging bracket system that is extra strong and burgular-resistant.

Are real fish still being used?

No. The marine taxidermy industry produces 99% of all mounts using composite materials. The change from “Skin” to “Composite Mounts” occurred in the 70’s and 80’s, and has not been well publicized. After measurements and photographs are taken, release your fish alive and order a “Release Mount”!

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