Congratulations! Let’s Mount that Fish!

Fish Mounts these days are hand-crafted using 100% man-made materials. Taxidermists rarely use the actual fish. To create your mount, all that we need from you is the species and the approximate size. Photos (optional and if available) may also be used to “Authenticate” your mount. That means using your pictures to match the coloration and markings so that your mount looks as strikingly beautiful and colorful as your fish. It’s that simple and easy.

If you want yours Lit-Up, you’ve come to the right place. You can even order your mount online, right now! Or, you can order by phone/email. Having a trophy fish on the wall is a great way to commemorate a first, or a once-in-a-lifetime catch. It’s a must-have for the successful angler.

We are experts at what we do!

Measure fish from tip to tip - the overall length.

Below are some of our most popular replica fish mounts:

Each one demonstrates the detail and vibrant color you will find in YOUR mount!



The Billfish Foundation

The best in the business hands down.  They led the charge for fish conservation with release mounts instead of skin mounts.  The Billfish Foundation is proud to have them as the longest standing Tag & Release Program sponsor.

Ellen Peel, President, The Billfish Foundation

At King Sailfish, It’s All About the “Look” of Your Mount!

Marine Artist Chris Murrah airbrushing a Swordfish Mount.

We believe that the most important aspect of your mount is the final painting.  We consider our products to be in-a-way, works of art.  Have you ever noticed how bright and colorful a lit-up fish can be — especially when it makes it’s first jump out of the water?  This is the “look” that our artists are always striving to achieve.  In our studio you will find a variety of transparent lacquers, pearls and irridesents and even a few hot colors that we use to bring your trophy mount to life.  The painting is our daily challenge — it’s our passion!

Authentication:  That’s what makes it “Your Fish”.

Since sportsmen are no longer having the actual skins mounted, the painting is what makes it “Your Fish”.  Our artists will refer to your photo and will incorporate similar color patterns and markings into each mount, to give it that personal touch.  No two mounts are exactly alike.  If you don’t have a good photo, that’s perfectly okay.  Because each of our artists’ ‘default setting’ is always to airbrush your mount to be strikingly colorful, beautiful and impressive….and we definitely know how to do that!

Marine Artist Chris Murrah airbrushing a Swordfish Mount.
The International Game Fish Association

King Sailfish Mounts are the most coveted of IGFA ‘s corporate partners. Their dedication to conservation, not only with IGFA, but dozens of other like minded conservation groups, is not only appreciated, but admired.

SALTWATER FISH MOUNTS. We have Your Mount!  Our Saltwater line includes all of the world’s most sought after gamefish including Offshore, Inshore, Coastal and Deepwater species.  Each rendition is a display of brilliance and accuracy, a timeless personal reminder – and a testimonial to family and friends of your Once-in-a-Lifetime Catch.  Enjoy the beauty of a mount from King Sailfish.  Order Online today, or contact our Sales Mgr. at 954/784-8377.

Saltwater Fish Mounts – All Species
Sportsman standing in water releasing a Tarpon that he just caught.

FRESHWATER FISH MOUNTS.  King Sailfish offers a full line including Warm and Coldwater species.  Commemorate your first Bass, Trout or Pike with a stunning lifelike fish trophy created specifically to represent your personal catch.  Noted for their interpretation of color and motion, KSM artists remain masters of fine detail offering the finest hand-made fish replicas available!  Order Online today!

Freshwater Fish Mounts – All Species
Angler holding a beautiful trophy fish, standing in the water.
Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada, The Florida Keys

I have used King Sailfish Mounts for several years for both my offshore and inshore backcountry tournaments.  Their trophies are showstoppers!

Lisa Thornhill, Tournament Director, Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada, Florida Keys

FISHING TROPHIES.  Handcrafted from the finest materials, a Fishing Trophy from King Sailfish Mounts truly is a Prize to be coveted!  Demanded by the World’s Most Prestigious Fishing Events, Tournament Directors are impressed with the availability, selection and delivery. Award-Winning Anglers marvel at the quality and appreciate the recognition afforded by such a distinctive Top Prize.  K.S.M. Trophies are available as 3-Dimensional Pedestal-Style Awards or as Plaques.

Fishing Tournament Trophies
Grand Slam Fishing Trophy with Sailfish, Blue Marlin and Black Marlin


    Upload an image of your trophy fish here (jpg,png 5MB max):

    King Sailfish Mount are proudly displayed at all Flanigan’s locations from Stuart to Miami.  These mounts represent the many trophy fish that we and our friends have caught over the years.  Flanigan’s does everything in a big way.  King Sailfish’s mounts are an essential part of our decor package, both inside and out.

    A 1,000-pound Blue Marlin Mount at entrance to Florida Keys restaurant.

    NAUTICAL DECOR.  Create a Nautical Theme and brand your establishment with the color, thrill and excitement of sport fishing.  KSM mounts can be displayed indoors or out.  Fiberglass composite construction and UV resistant materials prevent weathering.  Custom designs are available.

    Restaurant/Nautical Theme Decor

    “SPORTFISH REPLICAS by King Sailfish Mounts. An economical alternative designed to reduce cost, yet still have the same visual impact. Also referred to as “Low Profile” or “Half-Sided Fish Mounts”, only the front side of the mount is produced, thus eliminating the labor and material costs associated with producing the back side of the mount.

    Economical “Half Sided” Mounts

    Being one of the first fish mount companies to encourage sportsmen to take a photo of their catch and then to release their fish alive, King Sailfish Mounts has long been a pioneer in ocean conservation.


    King Sailfish Mounts was formed, in part, due to concerns over populations of Atlantic Sailfish in Florida offshore waters.  For decades Sailfish and other species had been traditionally boated for photos and to be mounted.  As a result, Sailfish were becoming more difficult to catch.  Even though taxidermists had developed methods for mounting trophy fish that did not require any part of the actual fish, taxidermy sales agents on the docks were reluctant to inform their customers that they could release their fish and still have a replica made.  Founder Raymond Douglas saw this a business opportunity.  These days nearly every fish mount produced in Florida and in the USA is based on a release.

    First class operation with a fine product.  Doug and the crew at KSM have been very supportive of the WPBFC, as both organizations have conservation oriented backgrounds, promoting the ethical angling practice of catch and release.


    Marine Artist Raymond Douglas is the founder of King Sailfish Mounts, of Fort Lauderdale. Douglas began producing replica fish mounts as a commitment to preserving memories, while at the same time promoting conservation of the resources. Douglas believes that releasing the fish is the perfect way to pay tribute to a memorable day of fishing. While some taxidermists still produce skin mounts, King Sailfish specializes in producing a fiberglass fish replica.

    The fact that it is not necessary to kill a fish to have it mounted has finally been embraced by the greater angling public. Credit King Sailfish Mounts founder Raymond Douglas with pioneering the release mount concept. I patronize King Sailfish not only for their dedication to marine conservation, but also for their lifelike details and finishes. They are unquestionably the very best in the business.


    Commemorate Your Catch And The Date Caught

    King Sailfish Mounts is pleased to provide you with a unique way to remember your catch of a lifetime by offering you a King Sailfish Mounts Release Certificate. The purpose of a “Release Certificate” is to give anglers a way to remember and celebrate their fishing experience and to commemorate their catch and the day it was caught.
    All you have to do is enter the “details of your catch” on our easy to use form and then download, print and frame! AS A BONUS FEATURE, YOU CAN ALSO INSERT YOUR COMPANY LOGO!


    A nice mount serves as a meaningful conversation piece – what better way to brag about your accomplishment than through an actual replica.  At Pacific Fins, we proudly offer our guests a company that has a reputation for making the best replicas around.  That is why we have King Sailfish Mounts as the official taxidermist of Pacific Fins Resort.  The artists at King Sailfish will make your mount explode to life with vibrant colors, animated action and extra details that you don’t often come by.


    Each year the International Game Fish Association honors outstanding achievers in conservation.  The I.G.F.A. Conservation Awards were established in 1993 and are given to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of conservation.

    In 2014 Marine Artist Raymond Douglas proudly accepted the coveted I.G.F.A. Conservation Award on behalf of King Sailfish Mounts, it’s employees and all those who have had a part in the successful introduction of the Release Mount concept.

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