Fish Mount Blanks by King Sailfish Mounts

Fish Blank painted by Chris MurrahGET CREATIVE!!  If you have that artistic ability, why not give it a try?  Be the first to take on the challenge!  Our fiberglass fish mount blanks are compatible with just about any type of paint — from the finest lacquers to even house paint. The possibilities are endless.
King Sailfish’s fish mount blanks are produced from molds made directly from carefully selected fresh specimens, capturing the highest level anatomical accuracy–right down to the fine lines of detail contained inside of each scale.  Our Fish Mount Blanks are cast using fiberglass and are lightweight and easy to handle.
Economical Fish BlanksChoose from Economical (Half Sided) Fish Mount Blanks, or traditional Taxidermist Fish Mount Blanks.  Click on the small fish image to go to Economical Fish Mount Blanks.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for Taxidermist Fish Mount Blanks.
The beautiful images (above and below) were provided by:  Jake Cordero (Grouper/Spearfisherman), Kelly Reark (Glow-in-the-Dark Tarpon and Tarpon Mural), Chris Murrah (Flamed Manta Ray) and Lisa Robertson/Douglas (Faux Stone-Finished Sailfish).
Fish Blanks
Each fish mount blank is offered in Nearly-Ready-For-Paint condition, with the seams finished, ventral fins installed (in most), mouth installed, putty work completed; and is sealed and primed with gray lacquer primer.  Not included: pectoral fin installation, eyes, teeth or hanger.  Therefore, some assembly IS required.

OPTIONAL:   If you choose, we can provide your fish mount blank in Ready-To-Paint condition, meaning that all you need to do is paint it.  Of course, this costs a little more.  You can select ‘Ready-To-Paint’ from the “Available Options” section located in the upper right-hand column of each individual fish blank page.

All fish blanks come FULLY DETAILED.  Silhouetted images are only intended to show the shape/pose of the fish blank.
Red Snapper Fish Blanks