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  • Blue Marlin Fish Blank Overview

    Blue Marlin Fish Blank Overview

    King Sailfish Mounts provides Blue Marlin fish blanks of the highest quality standard, produced using first generation molds. We create our molds from carefully selected fresh specimens which are well proportioned and in perfect condition. Extra attention is given to the positioning of the fish, prior to molding, to ensure an exciting lifelike action pose. We apply gel coat directly to the fish which allows us to capture all of the finest details.

Standard Fish Blank - FAQ

What is a Fish Blank?

A fish blank is a pre-made, unfinished fish replica that is used as the base for creating a mounted fish. Our fish blanks are made of fiberglass, and shaped and sized to match the species of fish that will be mounted. The blank provides the taxidermist with a solid, sturdy foundation upon which to build a lifelike representation of the species.

Why Use Fish Blanks?

Fish blanks are used in fish taxidermy because they provide several critical benefits. First and foremost, they allow the taxidermist to work more efficiently and effectively, reducing the time and effort required to create a high-quality mounted fish. With a fish blank, the taxidermist can focus on adding the details and finishing touches to make the final product look as lifelike as possible.

In addition, fish blanks also provide greater consistency and accuracy in the final product. Because the blank is designed to match the species of fish that will be mounted, the taxidermist can be sure that the proportions and measurements are correct. This helps to ensure that the final product looks as realistic as possible and captures the species’ unique characteristics.

Can I use my own paint?


Our fiberglass fish mount blanks are compatible with just about any type of paint — from the finest lacquers to even house paint. The possibilities are endless.

Is Assembly Required?

We can provide your fish blank in Ready To Paint condition, meaning that it comes fully assembled and all you need to do is paint it!

This is an available Add-On option on each of our Standard Fish Blanks.

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