Custom Painting!  Although photos are optional, we offer custom painting as a standard feature on all KSM mounts.  You can send us images by email or by U.S. mail.  Photos are used not only for coloration, but also to identify specific markings. The number and location of spots on a redfish are one of many examples.
Our skilled artists often find unique characteristics in nearly every image which are later reflected in the completed painting.  This is why no two mounts are ever exactly alike.
If you prefer not to provide photos, we will then refer to our own collection of colorful reference photos–using images of fish taken in the same geographical location.  With or without specific photos, the same care and skill will be used in painting your mount.
High performance airbrushes in the hands of talented artists using advanced techniques  equals the brilliance found only in a “lit-up” fish.

Eyes that look Alive!   The single most important feature on any fish mount is the appearance of the eye.  A little bit of extra care during the installation can make a huge difference in the way the mount turns out.   At KSM, we install our eyes in a slightly downward angle.  On billfish, we go even more extreme.  Notice how the pupil is recessed in the eye socket.

Acrylic Teeth!   KSM teeth are reproduced using dental acrylics and are cast in rubber molds.  Since real teeth were originally used to make the rubber molds, the accuracy is 100 percent anatomically correct.  This acrylic material is very strong and, in fact, is exactly the same material as dentists use.

First Generation Molds!  All KSM fish mounts are cast from first generation fiberglass molds.  Using only newer molds produced recently, the details are very well defined.  You can often actually count the number of rays in even the smallest of fins.  All KSM molds were made from carefully selected fresh robust specimens with good proportions.  Each fish was placed into an action pose prior to molding.  This way the fish mount looks natural and alive.  Many of our mounts were molded with the gills open, showing additional action. When making a mold, we pour gel coat directly on the fish surface.  This way our molds pick up even the finest of details.  Each mold can yield enough casts to produce an unlimited number of fish mounts.