Length: 46 inches

Weight of Actual Fish: 26-pounds

Facing: Right

Girth: 20-inches

Mouth: Molded Natural Mouth Interior

Open Gills: Yes

Back Side: OK

Eye Size: 24 mm

This is what is included:

1. Fish cast using fiberglass reinforced composites/hand lay-up process.

2. Flashing trimmed.

3. Seams filled and completed using polyester (bondo).

4. Mouth installed.

5. Ventral fins attached (usually, lower front fins).

6. One coat of gray lacquer primer applied to the seams.

7. Pinholes filled with glazing putty (red).

8. Second coat of gray lacquer primer applied to entire body.

This is what is needed to complete the mount:

A. Install eye (you provide the eye).

B. Install the remaining fin or fins (we provide).

C. Install teeth (you provide the teeth).

D. Install hanger (you provide the hanger).

E. Final Painting.

OPTIONAL: If you prefer to receive the fish blank in "Ready-to-Paint" condition, select the "Ready-To-Paint" option in the box found at the top right of this page.

To view a finished/painted 46-inch Bull Dolphin, click link below:

46-inch Bull Dolphin Mount

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