10-inch Flying Fish Mount (Right)



10-inch Flying Fish Mount Right (Baitfish)

Flying Fish occur in warm tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Flying fish don't actually fly, but instead glide above the ocean surfaces, remaining aloft with an occasional a quick dip of their moving tail into the top of a wave–using their large pectoral fins which resemble wings. Flying fish can glide distances of several hundred feet at a time. Flying fish are a major part of the diet of various offshore species including sailfish, marlin, dolphin/dorado, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, swordfish and many others.

King Sailfish Mounts offers hand crafted and finely-detailed varieties of baitfish, to be displayed alone or to be used as accessories for any mounted fish display. These baitfish are especially attractive and will enhance your fish mount with exciting lifelike action.

To Order your 10-inch Flying Fish Mount online, simply scroll up and click the "add to cart" button. Each KSM Fish Mount is lightweight and easy to install, and comes with a built-in balanced hanger. It's as easy to hang as a picture!

King Sailfish Mounts - Flying Fish

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Dimensions 10 in
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