Largemouth Bass Mounts by King Sailfish Mounts.

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a laargemouth bass mounted on cedar driftwood with lily pads and a bluegill in it's mouth

King Sailfish is a company dedicated to Marine Conservation. We are now offering a variety of hand-crafted Fiberglass Fish Mounts online, such as the Largemouth Bass, carefully airbrushed to reflect their natural color patterns.

Each mount is made with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that customers get the best quality product possible. All sizes and types of mounts are available, making it easy to find the perfect mount for any home or office. King Sailfish strives to ensure that customers can appreciate and enjoy these magnificent creatures’ beauty while also helping protect them and the environment.

World Record: The current world record is an impressive 22.311-lb bass caught in Lake Biwa in Japan. This is the largest recorded largemouth bass ever caught, and what makes the catch even more impressive is the low number of largemouth in Japan. Introduced for bass fishing, they quickly became an invasive species, devastating native ecosystems in only a few lakes. The angler, Manabu Kurita, caught the fish on a Deps Slide Swimmer 175 in 2009. He recently tied his record in 2022.

USA Record: The current all waterbody United States record is George Perry’s famous world record, largemouth, caught during the Great Depression, on June 2, 1932, in Lake Montgomery, South Georgia. This nearly century old record is the most sought-after sportfishing record in the world. This Georgia native tipped the scales at 22 lbs 4 oz.  Learn more about both amazing catches from our friends at Bass Forecast.


Variety of Sizes Available

King Sailfish Mounts provide largemouth Mounts of multiple sizes for sale. Showcased here are new mounts and common sizes. Catching bass is an achievement for anglers; many wish to remember their win by having a mount made. There are multiple varieties of largemouth bass mounts to choose from.

The fish’s size should be considered when selecting a mount. Smaller replicas should be used for small fish, while larger ones should be chosen for larger fish. Regular cleaning and storing in a dry place are recommended to keep the mount in good condition. We can also put an outdoor coating on the replica so you can hang it outside.  Mounts are the best way to remember a fishing trip.

With many styles and sizes available, anglers can select the right mount to remember their catch. With correct upkeep, these replica mounts will last for generations. If you are interested in additional selection, contact us by phone or by email for further details: Telephone: 954/784-8377 Email: 

Standard Features: include (at no extra charge) Custom Painting, Downturned Fired Enamel Glass Eyes, and Acrylic Teeth. Options include Expedited Production/Shipping and UV Outdoor Coating. (see more about Standard Features)


Artist Note 1: Some of the mounts shown here were painted according to a photograph provided by the angler. That explains the differences you may find in the colors of the different mounts.

Artist Note 2: We create our Largemouth Bass replicas using three separate 2-piece molds. One set for the body and two for the head. This provides amazing detail inside the mouth with 100% accuracy, including see-thru open gills.

Largemouth Bass Replicas by King Sailfish Mounts….setting The Standard for Excellence.

Facts about America’s Number One Freshwater Gamefish:

  • Trophy Largemouth Bass are aggressive fish known to eat anything that can fit in their mouth.
  • Bass goes by many names: Black Bass, Bigmouth Bass, Bucket Mouth Bass, Green Bass, Green Trout, Southern Largemouth, Florida Hybrid Bass, and Northern Largemouth.
  • Largemouth Bass can live over 20 years, with an average fish living 15 years!
  • To most fishermen, a 5-pound bucket mouth is considered large.
  • Largemouth Bass live longer in the wild than in captivity, where they are prone to disease.
  • The Largemouth is the official sport fish of Tennessee and the most fished fish in America!
  • There are over 20 million bass fishermen in North America alone.
  • Bass fishing is a billion-dollar industry spanning more bodies of water than any other industry.

 We might be named King Sailfish Mounts but trust us with your Freshwater Species. We live in South Florida and love bass fishing too! We have the best marine artists in the world on our team! 

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Complimentary Release Certificates are Available Online!
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