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QUESTION:  Are real fish still being used?
ANSWER:  NO.  The marine taxidermy industry produces 99% of all mounts using composite materials. The change from “Skin” to “Composite Mounts” occurred in the 70’s and 80’s.  This change has not been well publicized and unfortunately many trophy gamefish have been “taken” needlessly for mounting….and some still are.  After measurments and photographs are taken, release your fish alive and order a “Release Mount”!
QUESTION:  What is a Release Mount?
ANSWER:  A Release Mount is a mount of your trophy fish produced without any of the actual fish parts.  Almost all saltwater mounts produced these days are Release Mounts, which are constructed of lightweight composite materials and are cast from pre-existing molds.  These mold impressions were originally taken from carefully selected fish specimens — to ensure visual and anatomical perfection.  The mount is then hand-painted. This is where your mount becomes authentic, unique, and unlike any other.

QUESTION:  How do I order a mount of my trophy catch?
ANSWER:  Determine the size and species of your fish.  Measure the overall
Image courtesy of Pasta Pantaleo
length from tip to tip.  Then…..
1.  ORDER ONLINE!  Go to either “Saltwater or Freshwater Fish Mounts”.  Scroll Down to the thumbnail images below.  Select the species first, and then the size by clicking on any one of the thumbnail images.  Select any “Options” that you may choose from the Options Menu, which can be found in the upper right corner of each individual fish mount page. Click on the red “Add to Cart” button and follow the prompts.  Images of your actual fish can be sent to us by email, at your convenience.
Saltwater Fish Mounts
Freshwater Fish Mounts
2.  ORDER BY PHONE!  Call our Sales Desk and give us the details of your catch during standard business hours.  You can send your images to us by email, at your convenience.

Telephone:  954/784-8377
Toll Free:  1-800/809-0009

QUESTION:  If I send a photo of my fish, in what way will it be used?
ANSWER:   Yes.  Our artists will look for certain characteristics when doing the final painting such as spots (like on a redfish), coloration, unique markings, etc.  We do our utmost to make your fish look like it does in the photograph.  In some cases we have had complaints about the painting, especially if the photo is of a dead fish in a cooler, etc., where the coloration of the fish has faded.  When sending your photo, please also send your comments.  EXAMPLE:  “This photo was taken of my fish after it had faded a lot.  Use this photo only for specific markings but not for coloration.  I prefer the colors found on the image on your website.”  OR  “Paint my fish exactly as it appears in the photograph.”
QUESTION:  How long will it take to create my mount?
ANSWER:   Normal LEAD TIME is 4 to 6 WEEKSEXPEDITE SERVICE is available on most mounts.  Each task requires precision workmanship and must pass final inspection before moving on to the next process.  You can rest assured that no compromises are ever taken in the production of your custom mount.
lightweight and easy to hang...just like a pictureQUESTION:  How are mounts attached to the wall?
ANSWER:  This is the easiest part.  A sturdy hanger comes balanced and installed each mount.  All that is required is a screw or nail to be inserted into the wall.  You just hang it like a picture!  Our mounts are produced using hollow-cast fiberglass and are surprisingly lightweight.  For outdoor locations or where wind or theft may be a concern, we offer an optional 2-piece stainless steel hanging bracket system that is extra strong and burgular-resistant.
Outdoor Display of Marlin chasing DolphinsQUESTION:  Can my mount go outdoors?
ANSWER:   YES!  Your mount will be crafted using materials that are suitable for outdoor exposure including sun, rain, snow, etc.  For mounts that will be exposed to long periods of direct sunlight, we recommend an optional coating for additional UV protection.
QUESTION:  Can my mount be shipped?
We Ship Any Size, Anywhere!ANSWER:  YES!  Your mount can be packed and shipped to you anywhere, worldwide.
PHONE TOLL FREE:  800/809-0009