King Sailfish Mounts 2009 AdKing Sailfish Mounts offers an array of mounted fish, producing both freshwater and saltwater fish mounts and replicas.  Also called Release Mounts, KSM fiberglass fish reproductions provide sportsmen with the absolute highest level of quality and value, and symbolize an age of environmental awareness.  Our skilled artists capture the rich beauty and realism of nature, and under the direction of Marine Artist Raymond Douglas, transform raw materials into the ultimate representation of an angler’s most notable achievement.
Marine Artist Raymond Douglas at Tarpon BayInspired by Accomplished Artists, King Sailfish Mounts of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was started in 1991 by an enthusiastic Raymond Douglas.  The concept was to introduce a new method for the mounting of gamefish, due to the growing demand of the catch and release sportfishing community.  Formerly a Financial Accountant, Douglas began his new career at home in his garage where he began to experiment and refine his own skills for specimen gathering, molding, casting and airbrushing various species of local gamefish.
King Sailfish Mounts Tournament Trophy AdAfter a successful debut at the Miami International Boat Show, KSM became a runaway commercial success.  Douglas immediately moved out of the family garage and acquired key personnel from the once well-known Pflueger Marine Taxidermy and J. T. Reese Taxidermy Studios.  Within a short time, KSM had developed a growing clientele and soon would be serving customers from all parts of the world.
20 years later, King Sailfish Mounts has grown to be a World-Class producer of Fish Mounts and a solid leader in Marine Conservation.  KSM continues to produce mounts in the traditional manner–by hand….One-At-A-Time…..with extreme accuracy–in keeping with the same principals that led to KSM’s initial success in the field of fiberglass fish reproductions.
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