• Freestanding & Suspended Fish Mounts

    Freestanding & Suspended Fish Mounts

    Same visual impact. Same skilled artists.

  • Wow the Crowd with 360° Views

    Wow the Crowd with 360° Views

  • Freestanding Fish Mounts

    Freestanding Fish Mounts

    Freestanding Mounts come with pole/flanges and can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the floor or wall. Our mounts can be finished for 360-degree viewing. Produced with fiberglass materials, each mount is sturdy, yet lightweight. Outdoor coating protects against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

  • Suspended Fish Mounts

    Suspended Fish Mounts

    Suspended mounts include strong eyehooks for hanging from the ceiling. Incorporate a new dimension into your nautical design with suspended fish mounts. Give your customers an opportunity to take photographs of themselves at your location while standing next a giant shark or marlin.

Recent mounts designed for great people

Take a look at some of our recent freestanding and suspended fish mounts.

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