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  • Saltwater Fish Mounts Saltwater Fish Mounts

    Saltwater Fish Mounts

    Our Saltwater fish mount line includes all of the world’s most sought after gamefish, including Offshore, Inshore, Coastal and Deepwater species.

  • Freshwater Fish Mounts

    Freshwater Fish Mounts

    Commemorate your first Bass, Trout, or Pike with a stunning lifelike freshwater fish mount created specifically to represent your personal catch.

Custom Fish Mount Quotes Custom Fish Mount Quotes

Custom Fish Mount Quotes

Snag, Snap, & Send Your Catch

Mounting your big catch has never been easier. Simply send us a pic of your fish along with a few details, such as tip-to-tip length or weight, and we'll send you a customized quote to start the fish mounting process.

  • The best in the business hands down. They led the charge for fish conservation with release mounts instead of skin mounts. The Billfish Foundation is proud to have them as the longest standing Tag & Release Program sponsor.5/5 Ellen Peel, President - The Billfish Foundation
  • King Sailfish Mounts are proudly displayed at all Flanigan’s locations from Stuart to Miami. These mounts represent the many trophy fish that we and our friends have caught over the years. King Sailfish’s mounts are an essential part of our decor package, both inside and out.5/5 Jimmy Flanigan - Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill
  • Being one of the first fish mount companies to encourage sportsmen to take a photo of their catch and then to release their fish alive, King Sailfish Mounts has long been a pioneer in ocean conservation.5/5 Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

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  • Restaurant Decor

    Restaurant Decor

    Bring your business to life with our custom nautical restaurant decor.

  • Fishing Trophies

    Fishing Trophies

    Design a fishing trophy for your tournament, corporate event, and more.

  • Baitfish


    Enhance your fish mount with some of your catch's favorite meals.

  • Commissions


    From exhibits to booth displays, hire us to design your custom marine art.

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