Mount of World Record Snook
Golfito, Costa Rica.  Angler Besty Bullard of Golfito Sailfish Rancho, Costa Rica, landed a World Record Pacific Snook on 12-pound line, weighing in at 37.7 pounds.  Guided by husband Abraham Conception, this was the third of several recently established world records, including a 31-pound, 6-ounce Snook landed by Joan Vandergruff on 8-pound line.  The mount is now on display in Islamorada, FL Keys.
Yellowfin Tuna, aka sushi
Mike and his buddies spent the day searching for Sailfish, only to find a school of Yellowfin Tuna about 25 miles offshore.  They battled several that day, releasing all but one which was served for dinner that evening.  Mike decided to commemorate the event with a release mount from King Sailfish Mounts.
Yellowfin Tuna Fish Mount by King Sailfish Mounts
Here is what others have had to say recently:
George Poveromo:
A major contribution to marine conservation has been the release mount concept.  Through a long and often tedious education process, the fact that it is not necessary to kill a fish to have it mounted has finally been embraced by the greater angling public.  Credit King Sailfish Mounts founder Raymond Douglas with pioneering and promoting the release mount concept.
Today, all an angler has to do to obtain a mount of a special catch is to measure the fish’s overall length at boat side, and then set it free.  From there, King Sailfish Mounts will pull a fiberglass mold of that species – and in the same length, and then have one of their skilled artists, under the direction of Raymond Douglas, duplicate the fish’s vivid, lifelike hues and coloration.  What’s more, their artists can even duplicate the exacting details provided by any pictures of the released fish.  King specializes in all species of saltwater- and even most freshwater- game fish.
King Sailfish Mounts is where I go to have my special catches duplicated.  I patronize them not only for their dedication to marine conservation, but also for their lifelike details and finishes.  They are unquestionably the very best in the business.
Bruce Hartwell, FL:  “Great looking mount!  Arrived in excellent condition.  I’ll buy another soon.”  (Snook)
Ron Polster, OH:  “Beautiful work.  The crating and delivery were beyond expectation.  I couldn’t be happier.”  (Blue Marlin)
Mariemma Diaz, Ponce, PR:  “You did a great job.  It looks the same as if it were alive.  Your box was very secure!”  (Swordfish, Broadbill)
Scott Buchmayr, New England:  “Wanted to tell you how much I love the Striped Bass mount I purchased recently.  You guys really did a great job and I not only look forward to having this mount with me for life, but also remembering that particular hook-up…..”  (Striped Bass)
Steve Russell, England:  “Barracuda has arrived and looks amazing!  The quality is fantastic.  Could you pass on my thanks to everyone there at your end for their efforts…..”  (Barracuda)
Scott Tesnow, Wisconsin:  “Received my Tarpon mount and I have to say I am really impressed.  Everyone who has seen it has said it is one of the nicest reproductions that they have ever seen…”  (Tarpon)
Lew Clayton, NJ:  “I received my 41-inch Striped Bass yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful and the color match is incredible.  Thank you for your services.  This is something I have wanted for a long time…..”   (Striped Bass)
Tony Oakley, AL:  “I have just uncrated my Sailfish, and all I can say is “Totally Awesome”!  You guys did a fantastic job of matching up the paint to my photos….It is without a doubt the finest reproduction I have ever seen.”  (Sailfish)
MAJ Richard Bacon, IL:  ”  I just received my Tarpon mount.  Please pass on to the artists that this is the best mount of a tarpon that I have ever seen.  It is perfect, thank you all.”  (Tarpon)
Capt Dan Hartwell, USN:  “….received the Redfish in the mail yesterday.  In a word, its “Gorgeous”!!  The mount is everything I have ever dreamed of….and more.  I’ve never seen a mount look so life-like.  You made a true catch and release believer out of me……”  (Redfish)
Jack Melvin, DE:  “…shipment came exactly on schedule….transported crates down to beach house yesterday and the mounts were beautiful–perfect!  Crating was excellent.  Detail and painting perfect.  You and the crew are to be commended……”  (Various)
Michael Gregory, CA:  “Thank you for a wonderful reproduction of my released Sailfish!!!  We put it on the wall Saturday, and I must say…you do great work – I am proud to have it in my home.  I will gladly recommend you to my fishing friends.”  (Sailfish)
Jeffrey Cardenas, FL:  “I just wanted to tell you that the 84-inch Sailfish mount we picked up last week is spectacular.  I knew you guys were good;  I didn’t think it was possible to be this good!”  (Sailfish)
Ronald Loesel:  “We received the Sailfish replica and it is beautiful.  It arrived in excellent condition.  We were impressed with the short delivery time and we would certainly recommend you to any one who wants a mount.  We hung it on a wall that has a bank of windows across from it; and with the light streaming through, the Sailfish is absolutely gorgeous.  It is one of the nicest mounts….”  (Sailfish)
Ken Fujomoto:  “Thanks, the mount looks great!!  Will tell the guys I fish with about your work.  Thanks again for your help.”  (Largemouth Bass)
Lenton Yates, NC:  Great mount!  Wonderful Job!  (Mutton Snapper)
Howard Quinlan, MN:  It looks great…thinking of getting another fish.  (Rainbow Trout)
Thayer Potter, PA:  The mount arrived in great shape and looks even better than I had imagined.  Great job!  (Snook/Redfish)
Robert Nowery, GA:  You’ve done other mounts for us before.  The Sailfish looks great?  My compliments to the artist.  (Sailfish)
Walt Hagaman, MN:  It would be nice to be able to buy a few more of these, but I don’t have any room left on my walls!  (Muskullenge)
Bronson, Bahamas:  Thanks for the nice mount.  (Blue Marlin)
Denis Pruiett, FL:  Outstanding job!  I’ll be back!  (Sea Trout)
John Bullock, MN:  Outstanding!  Looks even better than I thought.  (Largemouth Bass)
Jack Kuhn, CA:  Just got our fish.  Its beautiful.  Great job building and packaging it.  Can’t wait to get another “piece of art” for our store….problem is….which one next?  (Black Grouper)
Ronald Gillman, AK:  You did a great job.  By the way, ________Taxidermy had to refund all of the money.  (Turtle & Queen Trigger)
Bruce Tuttle, OH:  An absolutely beautiful piece.  Would be interested in purchasing additional items.  (Mako Shark)
Timothy Costa, NY:  The striper I received is beautiful!  Thank you for bringing back the memories of catching the actual fish while trolling in Long Island Sound.  The fish looks great in my den.  (Striped Bass)
Craig Comjean, MA:  I received the replica of the world record bass and I love it!  (Bass)
Jeffrey Barton Smith, CO:  This was my 40th birthday gift from my wife.  I can enjoy my fish, being environmentally frinedly.  Great reproduction of the fish!  (Yellowfin Tuna)
Capt. Mark Sagerholm, FL:  Nick was very helpful, both at the show and helping with the shipping.  (Striped Bass)
John D. Rutherford IV, MS:  Awesome mount, really pleased with the detail, matched the picture exactly, I’m extremely pleased with the reproduction.  I can’t wait to put the tag in her and place her on the wall!!!  (Cobia)
Robin Pomerantz, FL:  Continue the quality and I’ll buy more.  (Redfish)
Ted Knothe, NJ:  Thanks for your help.  Both mounts were received last week and they look accurate and great!  They’re up on the wall already.  (African Pompano)
Tommy Broome, SC:  Nice work, will be back for another shortly.  (Largemouth Bass)
Denny Frischkorn, CA:  Excellent mount, everyone.  (Roosterfish)
Skip Borth, NY:  The likeness is amazing.  Looking at photos at the time the fish was caught, you could never tell that the replica is not the actual fish.  Amazing work.  (Bull Dolphin)
Robert Sherman, NY:  I am very happy with your product.  I would give you my repeat business.  I’d also highly recommend you to others.  (Bonefish)
Zoe Bradley, NJ:  AWESOME!!*?!*  Better than I imagined!!!  Great job and worth the wait.  You have all our future business.  (Roosterfish)
Brian & Branda Young, CO:  We are very pleased with our fish.  You are very professional & did an excellent job!  (Sailfish)
Robin Pomerantz, FL:  My wife is absolutely thrilled with the replica of her catch.  Your work is perfect as ever.  (Blue Marlin)
Nick Fant, MI:  Great packaging and nice mount.  (Tarpon)
Joey Eskay, FL:  Best big snook sculpture I’ve ever seen.  Looking forward to having more sculptures make.  Thank you guys at King Sailfish.  (Snook)
Timothy T. Williams, FL:  Excellent workmanship on fish.  Will do future business with your company.  Nick and Lenore were very helpful with all my questions over the phone.  Thanks so much.  (Rainbow Trout)
Janelle Oveson, NC:  The fish arrived yesterday!   It looks great!  Please give my compliments to the artist as the colors were captured perfectly.  Oh, this will be a great surprise.  Well done.  Have a Merry Christmas!  (Black Sea Bass)
Ron Ochipa, FL:  I’ll be ordering the Nassau Grouper for my next fish!  (Snook)
Jacob Moore, OK:  Great job on mounts.  They look great.  Will plan on doing more business with you.  (Striped Bass & Largemouth Bass)
Del Stephens, OR:  As a gift for my father-in-law….great work and fast service.  (Striped Marlin & Flying Fish)
Rodney Bauer, FL:  It arrived on time.  It looks beautiful.  The finish is outstanding.  Thanks.  (Tarpon)
Dennis Ficco, GA:  Saw your work at Sandy Moret’s in Islamorada.  The mount is outstanding!  I couldn’t be happier!  Thanks a lot.  (Tarpon)
Bob Kessen, IN:  Nick was great to work with.  I am very happy with my mounts.  Thanks so much.  (Barracuda, Dolphin, Sailfish)
David Solomon, FL  Found you through Bass Pro Shops.  Mount looks nice.  Looking forward to future purchases.  (Jewfish)
Frank/JoAnn Erwetowski, MD:  The fish arrived fine.  It looks great!  Thank you.  (Striped Marlin)
Tom Shaw, FL:  Great paint job by R. Douglas!  (Tarpon)
Joseph J. Brolik, Sr., IL:  I’m really happy that I released my fish, I’m even happier that I got you people to make me a mount.  It is truly excellent.  (Sailfish)
Brian Nolan, IL:  Great job, nice product.  (Roosterfish)
Terry McGowan, PA:  My bass just arrived and I am very pleased.  Nice job!  (Striped Bass)
Richard Martens, IL:  Excellent mount.  Totally lifellike.  It’s nice to know that this permit may be still swimming out there.  Only larger and awaiting my fly.  (Permit)
Chip O’Neil, MI:  The fish is beautiful!  I had no idea how nice it would be.  The colors are awesome!!  Great Job!  (Sailfish)
Richard Hawn, NJ:  Excellent!  (Striped Bass)
Chip Batson, SC:  Very happy, Nick is very helpful.  (Dolphn)
James Roy, NY:  Nice job on fish!  (Tiger shark head)
Keith L. Behunin, UT:  I have ordered 3 additional mounts, good job!  (Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout)
J. DeMarco, MD:  My mount is awesome.  Nick was real helpful.  I enjoyed doing busines with you all – I am pleased – (Striped Bass)
Steve Kawatski, CA:  Looks great, thanks!  (Sailfish)
Steven Thorp, CA:  Great Job!  (Bluefin Tuna)
James W. Avery, NJ:  Its beautiful.  I need to order another fish.  Chicks dig ’em cause I caught ’em.  Love your work.  (Sailfish)
Michelle Tokoph, AZ:  I was very happy with the service and the fish.  I will be ordering again!  (Yellowfin Tuna)
Paulia Goodwin, NC:  Wonderful customer service!  Lisa Robertson is a true asset to your company!  (Blue Marlin)
Brian C. Ball, OH:  Very nice quality…very happy with the product.  (Barraduca)
Sonia Espineira, FL:  Very happy with the fish.  Great services & prompy delivery.  Thanks!  (Sailfish)
Stan Bunstolk, CA:  Great job customizing your Longbill Spearfish into my Mediter. Spearfish – Looks fantastic!  (Spearfish)
Bernard Lyster, CT:  Great mount, best I’ve ever seen!  (Bull Dolphin)
Don McIntosh, AZ:  The mount is beautiful.  The colors are perfect.  And thanks to Nick for your efforts to expedite delivery, and the $78.00 refund!  (Bull Dolphin)
Brian Morris, FL:  I just received my swordfish mount.  I just wanted to let you all know that it is a very good looking mount and I would highly recommend King Sailfish Mounts to anyone. Thanks again for the professional and prompt service. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  (Swordfish)
David Schuman, FL:  I just received my 27″ Redfish today.  I can tell you guys are passionate about what you do!  This is by far the best mount I have ever purchased.  I own an Allstate Insurance agency in Cape Coral FL.  I have set the nautical theme throughout my office.  I plan in the next few days to place another order with you for a sea trout.  Just wanted to drop you a thanks!  And let you know to keep up the good work!  (Redfish)
Capt. Frank Pitten, MA:  I am writing to thank you and let you know how thrilled I am with my new King Sailfish mount.  Last month I received a 97-inch blue marlin from King Sailfish mounts.  Four years ago, I had a fishing room built into my finished basement and I had a recessed area in one of the walls set up for a mount with special lights.  I had been researching having a fish mounted for the space even before building the room.  I am a very avid offshore angler and tend to be overly picky.  I held off having a mount done because I only wanted one if it was perfect.  After having King Sailfish send my father a snook mount and then a sailfish trophy, and being thrilled with the work, I decided to ask you to do my blue marlin.  I have looked at hundreds of blue marlin mounts and by far this one is the best.  It is beyond my expectations and I could not be more pleased.  Thank You so much for a wonderful job!!!  Please feel free to have anyone call me who would be interested in your work.  I can be reached at 781/544-3746.  (snook, sailfish, blue marlin)
Bradley, NC The mount looks great! (walleye)
They look AWESOME! Best replica’s I have ever seen…can’t wait to see them hanging in my new crib…thanks guys! ED
I received my order in record time! My husband loved the seatrout and is displaying it at work. He has received many compliments. I loved the fact you were able to deliver it on our anniversary! Thanks for everything.  Terrie
I just wanted to let y’all know that I received the 45″ redfish and it looks absolutely wonderful. GREAT JOB! Thanks so much!  Christina
We’ve received the fish and it was in perfect condition.  My husband absolutely loved it and it is already mounted on the wall.  Thank you so much for a magnificent mount.  We are thrilled.  Many thanks again. Chris – Australia  (sailfish)
Thank you so much for the wonderful Roosterfish that I gave my son for his 13th birthday. We live on Martha’s Vineyard , an island off the coast of Massachusetts, and spend a lot of time fishing. My son Gordon spent hours looking at all of the different mounts you guys make and gave me his top five. He didn’t know until his birthday that I got him his #1 choice, the Roosterfish. It is truly beautiful, so beautiful in fact that Gordon cleaned his room to give the fish a better setting to reside. I have tried to get him to clean up that mess for two years, so I am extremely grateful. Keep up the good work!  All the best, Andrew Moore
Joe Marino, MD:  We recently finished construction on our house in Annapolis, MD and were able to hang the Sailfish Mount.  It looks absolutely gorgeous and I get nothing but compliments on the work that your company did creating this life-like replica (of course I always let them know where I got it from).  I just wanted to send you a picture and let you know how happy I am with the job you guys did for me.  (Sailfish)
I just wanted to say thank you for getting me the Snook on time for my wife’s Bday. The Snook looks absolutely fantastic. The small details in coloration where you matched the photo makes all the difference. We are both thrilled with your work.
Thanks again,
Patrick Bass
Thanks for all your help!!  Panic set in when I seen fork holes in multiple spots in the box.  I am not sure how they missed the fish but they all arrived safely and in excellent condition.  You guys are true masters of your craft and I look forward to sharing future adventures with your company.
Thanks Again,
Josh and Heidi Klinghagen
Got my redfish mount on Monday like you said in your phone call. Looks
very nice.
Thanks for your effort. Now I’ve got to go catch something else before
the oil gets here.
Frank Campbell
It has taken me a while to get my replica permit on the wall, but now that it is there, it looks even more awesome.  Many thanks for doing such a nice job.
I doubt I’ll ever get a comparable saltwater fish of another species, but if I do, you’ll get a call. 
Michael Hittle, 
Appleton, WI

I recieved and hung my bull shark mount yesterday.  As a spearfishing free diver I have had numerous encounters with this particular species of shark.  Now I have one everyday- wow! The attention to detail and posture is spectacular!  I ordered 4 more mounts today to complete my house!  Thanks
Robert Stchur M.D.

Just wanted to drop you a line; I received my mounts today and they are absolutely perfect!  The most beautiful and stunning salt-water mounts I have seen – wow!  I wish I would have found you guys a few mounts ago, but everything else I do will definitely come from King.
Thanks again! 
I  want to express my extreme satisfaction regarding
your workmanship on my “Catch & Release” mount. The color is
a beautiful match. So easy to work with your company-one call,
one picture and got my mount in about 30 days. (LM Bass)
You guys are super- special thanks to Nick working with Cabela’s to
expedite the process.
Skip Gilbert
Hey guys,
My wahoo was delivered about noon today (3-17-11) and the person it was made for is delighted with the fish and the work put into the detail.  The smile on his face is as big as it was the day we caught that one.  That was the first wahoo caught on his new 32′ Sea Vee.  Great job!!  I will be dealing with you folks again in the future.
Sailfish is fantastick! Great & artful workmanship. Arrived in perfect condition. Wood crate & directions were wonderful. Thanks again. Joe
fish mounted for customerMr. Robert DeRoose:
 I have been a fisherman all of my life, and have always had a special love and respect for the beauty of the fish that I have fished for and caught. Several year’s ago I was at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and saw some fish mounts that I felt were of a superb quality (clearly the best that I had ever seen) so I noted who had made the mounts and it was King Sailfish. Last year I was at the IGFA museum and again noted some exceptional mounts and saw that they were also made by King Sailfish. So when I decided to have replica mounts of the “fish of the flats” created for me it was an easy decision to commission King Sailfish.
 In meeting with the King Sailfish team I emphasized that all that was important to me was quality, nothing else. I then increased the challenge of the project by sending you photographs of the most beautiful tarpon, permit and bonefish that I have ever caught. I am writing to thank you for not only meeting my expectations but for surpassing them. The four fish are just absolutely beautiful.
The quality is so exceptional that I cannot make up my mind which of the four fish came out the best. I am however especially fond of the smaller of the two bonefish. Everyone that I show them to are also very impressed, whether they are a fisherman or not. Enclosed is a photo of how the fish look on the wall in my office for your records.
Snapper & Jack
I received my mounts yesterday and wanted to say thanks.
The cubera snapper is the most beautiful snapper mount I’ve ever seen.
Thanks again, great job.
Stephen Jansen.
The trophies/plaques came in today and they look so good. Totally exceeded my expectations! I appreciate it so much.
Thank you, thank you
 Kathleen Finley
Thank you and King Sailfish Mounts.
My tripletail looks great.
Great job. Francis
We have just received our 101 inch pacific sail fish and it LOOKS AWESOME!!!! We are so in love we thought the space could use a couple of friends. We hope that we can refer more people your way. THANK YOU!!! Mack
I just hung the Tarpon and Snook miniature mounts I ordered to commemorate my Everglades fishing trip. They look great. I could not be happier. I have 2 more trips to FL planned this year and will be targeting other species in your miniature collection. Thank you for your fine work.
Hi Nick,
I received my sailfish today. I have it on the wall already. I don’t think I could be happier with your service. Your expertise on shipping and handling was perfect. The fish replica coloring is all I could ask for. Thank you so much, I am so happy.
Thank you,
Steve Robinson
Got the box today, Thankyou so much, right on time.
Will order some mounts later, you guys are really professional and I appreciate that.
David Dill
Hi Nick,
I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys did a fantastic job on my striped marlin. I have dreamed of having one hanging on my wall since I was a kid.  I love it! I will definitely be calling you again when I decide to get more fish for my walls, and thanks for the cool t-shirts. They both fit great….
I wanted to send you an email sooner but I have been very busy, as my wife and I had our first child in October. So it’s been kind of crazy around here….
Happy New Year and thanks again!!!
Looks awesome Nick. I knew you guys would do a great job. Will be getting all my work done from you guys from now on.
My bass look awesome, thank you!
-Lorrie Duvall
The shark arrived last night as promised!  Thank-you very much.  Its better than I had imagined.  Thomas is going to go crazy,  I am sure I will have to plan many more fishing trips!
Thanks again, Happy Holidays!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!   The Sheepshead is beautiful and my husband absolutly loves it!  It really made his Christmas.  And a special thank you for taking care of the return label for me.  You guys are WONDERFUL!
I would say the fish was a complete success! He absolutely loved it. He was so surprised and he said the colors and markings were perfect. I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful service and all of your help. If he catches another one worth mounting I will be coming back. 🙂
Have a great one. I attached the picture of the fish on the wall.
Lori Beth
Got the Bluegill today, one day before my Grandson’s Birthday. Thanks again guys!
The packaging was excellent so as to no damage.
Tell the artist he(she) is amazing, beautiful color, true color and absolutely breathtaking. I would think that painting a Coppernose Bluegill is very difficult.
You guys are the best and that’s why I continue to do business with you.Thanks again. My Grandson will cherish this forever. Alan
Nick, just received the mount and it is excellent.  Thanks!  Eric Hendrickson (Tiger Muskie)
The tuna arrived and I am blown away! A longer review will follow but the combination of catching the fish of my life and your craftsmanship has me very very happy and thankful.
Got the rainbow over the weekend! Looks great. Thanks for the service.
I received my sailfish mount today. I must say it looks awesome. I am a very picky person and very anal about things and I am VERY HAPPY with the fish mount you guys at king sailfish mounts made for me. My wonderful day fishing in Port Aransas, Tx. will always be remembered. Thanks! Scott , Texas
Got the mount today.  Looks great!
Dear sirs:
I just received a 54″ sailfish mount that I ordered through the IGFA.
Wow!  It is really beautiful.  The mount I received looks far better than the photo of what is presumably the same mount on your website.  I own a number of fish mounts, done by Theo’s Taxidermy, Pflueger’s and Gray’s, but this little sail is by far the most lifelike.
Please give my compliments to your painter.  The fish I received is not just a fish mount; it is a work of art.  I am really impressed.
I will recommend your work to everyone I know who may be interested in a fish mount, and I assure you that you will be hearing from me again when I need another mount.
Keep up the great work.
Thank you,
Hi Nick,
I just realized last night, as I was gazing admiringly at my bonefish mount, that I had not acknowledged receipt of it.   Well, it came on time, and it looks great.
Now I have both a permit and a bonefish that you folks have made.  Perhaps there will be a tarpon in the future–assuming I can find the wall space.
Thanks, and nice job,
I received my wife’s 40″ Redfish and my son’s 62″ Amberjack in perfect condition.  Your attention to the detailed color on both fish was noticeable and appreciated.  The color was the same as what we saw when we caught them and will help preserve both memories for life.
My wife and son were both very surprised and happy with the replica mounts.  My son in particular was not completely sold on the idea of putting such a trophy fish back in the water.  Once he saw your replica he was sold on the idea and very thankful to have this mount to remember the moment.  Please thank the artist on our behalf.
I’m Looking forward to preserving a catch gone by of my wife’s father who passed a way several years ago.  One of his most memorable catches was a 10-12 lb sheepshead.  The sheepshead was his last large catch so we want to get a replica made as soon as I can find the news paper clipping of it.  I’ll be in touch soon.
The fish arrived today and I have an absolutely wonderful Little Tunny mount! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on this fish for me. I plan to come back to you soon for some more !
Hello, today I received my striped bass and bluefish mounts from you. I have two words:
These mounts, like the Little Tunny you did for me a couple of months ago, are true works of art. I am exceptionally pleased with you work and will hang these at my home on Cape Cod.  I also plan to order some more mounts soon!
If you ever want to use me for a reference let me know. I am happy to talk to any prospective customers for you. Let me know if you would like me to write a review or reference story for your site; I am happy to do it.
David M Cronin
Hi Nick…Marlin was delivered yesterday.  OMG!!!  First of all, I’m still laughing hysterically over how BIG that mother is!  Secondly, that is the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen!  Your company does phenomenal work!!!  Your expert craftsmanship really makes it a work of art. 
Thank you for the wonderful service and for creating a beautiful momento of my stepson’s exciting catch!
Monica Miller
Just got my 40” redfish from you guys. Y’all did an awesome job!
I’m sorry I’ve been so delayed getting this email to you but I wanted to thank you very much for accommodating my color specifications and the change to ‘rush’ on this order.  The fish was at the front door when we arrived and we were THRILLED with the results!!!
We have hung it and look forward to years of enjoying it’s beauty along with the memories that go along with our first Mahi catch!
We couldn’t be happier with the product your company produced and hope to have many more ‘mountable’ catches in the future!
Thank you again.
Kimberly DeCristofaro and family
Hi Nick,
just wanted to let you know, the dolphin came in yesterday. Man it’s perfect! Thanks again for all the help. Will be getting with you again for several more I need to have done. Space is becoming an issue now haha, got ceiling room though

Hello, this is Mike. I received my alligator gar mount today and it looks incredible! It is so realistic that it looks like it could swim off the wall! Thank you so very much. It is apparent that you took great care to get this to look so wonderful. If I’m ever fortunate enough to catch another huge fish I will not hesitate to have King Sailfish make my replica. Thank You Again!

Nick,  I received my red snapper last week and it looks awesome! King sailfish never ceases to amaze.      Thanks again!
Nick, I have never seen more realistic marine mounts . From the Pacific ocean to my wall ! Thank you very much for the fantastic job ! If you need any pictures after they are hung or a testimonial/reference please let me know ! Hopefully I will be sending you additional orders from myself and friends—Have a great day !——Steve
Nick,  I received my red snapper last week and it looks awesome! King sailfish never ceases to amaze.      Thanks again!
ok guys the marlin is awesome!
let me know when you want me to do the testimonial.
thank you for all your help and the superb work on the marlin!
take care,
Received the striper mount. Looks great. Thanks a bunch. Bill
Ray, I just received the snook mount and it looks awesome.  You guys are truely artists in every sense of the word.  Thank you so much.
My snook looked awesome!   Very happy with the service and experience. Thanks for the T-Shirt.  Next fish will be an update on my Tarpon.
Thxs for the top notch job done on this fish. My son loves it and says it look just like the one he caught and released. It was worth the wait. King Sailfish Mount is a true credit too the sport. Great conservation tool.
Mike Fischer

I received my redfish and seatrout mounts. Both look great, I am very happy with them and looking forward to displaying them for years to come. Thanks

Jerry L. Rouyea
Dolphin hey Nick got dolphin today they are perfect y’all did a great job thank you so much!
Hey Nick, I just wanted to let you know I got my mount a couple days ago. I work nights and I’ve been forgetting to email you. The mount is simply amazing. I will be sending more work y’all guys way as my wallet will allow me. Thanks for answering all of my questions I really appreciate it. Thank the guys in the shop for me for there outstanding work.
Frankie Chandler
The redfish turned out great.  I will be ordering more mounts in the future.


The Brown Trout just showed up.  WOW!!!

You guys nailed it.  We know who we’re coming to for all our future fish!

Thank you very much!!

Have a great weekend.


Just want to let you know we got the 39” snook mount yesterday…we love it…you guys did an awesome job…thanks

Hi:  Grayling arrived safely today.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you.  Irwin
Wanted to let you and the team at Kingsailfish mounts that I received my mount . It is beautiful!! And exceeded my expectations!! Keep up the great work! I will definitely be telling everyone I know to go to kingsailfish. Thanks again
Happy customer

Nick, I received the Brook Trout mount yesterday and I want to tell you how pleased I am with the mount. Your artist did a fine job with the painting and the mount came through shipping just fine. I am very happy with the quick service and the finished product. Thank you to you and your staff.


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