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blue marlin jumping out of the water with anglers in the background
Welcome!  If you have recently landed and released a Trophy Gamefish, you have come to the right place!  We are considered, by the best, to be experts at handcrafting the most absolutely beautiful mounted fish that you, your friends and family can admire for years to come. 

Saltwater Fish Mounts.  We offer all sizes and species of the most popular gamefish.  Our World-Class Mounts are constructed of lightweight composite materials, and are cast from pre-existing molds.  These mold impressions were originally taken from carefully selected fish specimens — to ensure visual and anatomical perfection.  We do not accept or use any actual fish parts on any of our mounts.  Our Saltwater Fish Mounts are intended for the Catch & Release sportsman.  Once the species and approximate size has been determined, our artists can begin to create your trophy.  At King Sailfish, we individually craft each mount by hand….one-at-a-time!

Custom Painting.  The most critical stage of the production process occurs during the final painting.  This is where your mount becomes authentic, unique and unlike any other.  Using a generous combination of transparent lacquers, pearls and iridescent colors we take pride in capturing the “look” of a truly Lit-Up fish.
airbrushing a white marlin mount with angler's photo in the background


“Nick, I have never seen more realistic marine mounts. From the Pacific ocean to my wall ! Thank you very much for the fantastic job! If you need any pictures after they are hung or a testimonial/reference please let me know ! Hopefully I will be sending you additional orders from myself and friends — Have a great day !”

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