This is Modern Taxidermy.

Traveling Anglers:  The Billfish Conservation Act of 2012 has been signed into law.  It is illegal to import Billfish parts from overseas (including Mexico).  (see details)  Be sure to instruct your captain or mate to measure, photograph and release your trophy fish alive!  

Fortunately, you can still get a mount of your trophy fish!  Nearly all marine fish mounts produced these days are made of composite materials and do not include any part of the actual fish.  It’s a much higher quality product, will last forever, and encourages conservation.  Taxidermists have been using this process for decades.  

To create your mount please provide us with the following information:

1.  Species Identification
2.  Length/Girth Measurement
3.  Weight (Optional)
4.  Photographs

Species ID:  This is usually easy, although certain species can look alike.  If you are not sure, send us your photos and let us know where the fish was caught.  We can then help determine the correct species.  (for contact info, scroll down)

Length/Girth:  Sportsmen generally provide us with the overall length.  This is measured from tip to tip (not the short measurement).  If you don’t happen to have a tape measure on board, simply cut a piece of fishing line to the same length as the fish.  Then measure the fishing line when you get home.  If the fish is too large or too difficult to measure, you can always estimate the length. The girth measurement is optional and not required.

Weight:  Weight can be used in place of the length measurement.  However, if you are able to provide the exact or estimated length, the weight is optional.

Photos:  When you send photos, our artists will “Authenticate” your mount by duplicating the colors and markings found on your fish.  If you don’t have photos or chose not to send them (example, if they’ re not very good), our artists will then refer to our own set of reference photos of the most beautiful trophy fish from around the world.  Send your photos by mail, or by email.  (for contact info, scroll down)

Ordering:  You can order your mount online right now.  Start by clicking either salt or freshwater, below.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, our sales staff would be more than happy to assist in finding your mount.

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