Economical Fish Blanks by King Sailfish Mounts.

Fish Blanks, EconomicalArtists:  Show-off your talent at a fraction of the cost!

An economical alternative designed to reduce cost, yet still have the same visual impact.  Also referred to as “Low Profile” or “Half-Sided Fish Mounts”, only the front side of the mount is produced, thus eliminating the labor and material costs associated with producing the back side of the mount.

Each of these replica fish blanks are constructed using the same rigid materials that taxidermists use.  The side fins lay flat against the body and cannot be broken off.  Easy to hang…..can be displayed indoors or out!

This line of economical fish blanks comes COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED and READY-FOR-COLOR only.


ARTIST NOTE:  The SILHOUETTES (images) throughout this section are intended to only show the shape and pose of the fish blank.  Although the intricacies are not shown, each fish blank always comes FULLY DETAILED.