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NEW FISH MOUNTS!  Coming Soon!!  King Sailfish Mounts offers the finest quality products by casting molds from fresh, carefully selected specimens on an ongoing basis.      Call for first availability:  954/784-8377.


Bluefin Trevally 26-inch Bluefin Trevally.  Another perfect specimen retrieved from the waters of David, Panama and landed by none other than Captain Wild Bill of Deadliest Catch. 







32-inch Golden Tilefish.  Perfect specimen double sided.








48-inch Cubera Snapper specimen48-inch Cubera Snapper.  From far west of Key West, a fat boy cubera.  Stomach contents indicate that it eats BIG shrimp!  Courtesy of Rob the Slammer Hammer.  With a re-packed stomach this fish weighs 100-pounds.






30-inch Mangrove Snapper specimen32-inch Mangrove Snapper.  The pending All-Tackle World Record Mangrove, caught off of the coast of Louisiana weighing in at 18.5 pounds.  This is a perfect specimen with no missing scales on either side.  The first mount goes to the angler for providing the perfect specimen!





25-pound mutton snapper34-inch, 25-pound Mutton Snapper.  Again from the lower Keys, a good specimen molded with closed mouth and tail action.  Good condition on both sides.  Available immediately.






Florida Pompano Specimen18-inch Florida Pompano.  From the lower Keys.  Perfect specimen double sided.  Fast-swimming pose.  Available now.







Yellow Jack Speciman36-inch Yellow Jack.  Nearly a world record...a trophy fish for sure.  Taken from the lower Keys and available immediately.







32-inch Red Grouper Specimen32-inch Red Grouper.  Fresh in from the Dry Tortugas, a robust specimen of a red grouper is on the molding table today.  Taken in 200 feet of water with a live pinfish and molded with a closed mouth.  Perfect on both sides.






28-inch Mutton Snapper Specimen28-inch Mutton Snapper.  From the Dry Tortugas come a 28-inch Mutton Snapper.  Molded with a closed mouth and perfect single or double sided.  Nice proportions and sweet.






Porgy SpecimenPorgy.  Also from the Dry Tortugas, another perfect specimen.









new mako shark mount 88-inch Mako Shark Mount.  Originally molded by Pflueger Marine Taxidermy quite some time ago, we are told.  Includes acrylic teeth.  Hi-action pose.  Available immediately.







new tarpon specimen - 220 pounds220-pound Tarpon Mount.  From Grand Isle, Louisiana:  another perfect specimen.  Molded in the closed mouth style with full detail on both sides. 






39-inch redfish specimen39-inch Redfish Mount.  Also from Grand Isle, with a huge girth, this one is incredible.  Perfect with all scales on both sides.






44-inch redfish specimen42 and 44-inch Redfish Mount.  Obviously some of the best specimens of Redfish come from the bayous of southern Louisiana.   We are proud to offer the best Redfish Mounts in the world.






57-inch Bull Dolphin specimen57-inch Bull Dolphin.  Top Dolphin in the recent West Palm Beach KDW Event, this 47-pounder is just so nice.  Molded in the closed mouth style and perfect on both sides.  





50-inch bull dolphin49-inch Bull Dolphin Mount.  From the Keys a perfect specimen of a bull dolphin.  Weight around 42 pounds, including the material used to fill the body to robust proportions.





20-inch Strawberry GrouperStrawberry Grouper Mount.  From the Bahamas, an extremely large specimen with full details on both sides.








245-pound tarpon mount96-inch Tarpon Mount.   Based on the length and girth measurements, this one weighs 245 lbs.  Perfect condition with all scales in place.  Not from Florida!






Golden Dorado MountsGolden Dorado Mounts.  Freshly molded from Paraguay:  two new mounts.  One measures 26-inches and weighed 10-pounds, the other 34-inches and 20-pounds.  Thanks to Jorge Xifra.  Mission Accomplished!





Hammerhead and Mako Shark Mini MountsMini Mounts:  Hammerhead and Mako Shark.  Recently sculpted and molded, these mini shark mounts measure approximately 18-inches in length.  Cast in polyester resin and individually hand painted, these new additions are expected to be available in time for mid Summer.








Scamp GrouperScamp Grouper Mount, 41-inches.  From Texas and possibly a State record, this 41-inch Scamp was brought in by Jamal Marshall.  The fish scaled over 29 Lbs with a 26.5-inch girth.  With additional material added to fill the stomach cavity, this represents well over a 32-pound Scamp.






Mullet Snapper

Mullet Snapper Mount.  Flown in fresh from the Pacific, a beautiful and colorful fish.  Measures 28 inches in overall length.  Perfect specimen.








97-inch tarpon specimen97-INCH TARPON MOUNT.  Perfect specimen....double sided 215-pound tarpon.  Caught on a Coon-pop jig and landed close to Venice, Louisiana.  This one has a 42-inch girth and is posed in a jumping position.  Not one scale missing on the front side.






30-inch Sockeye Salmon30-INCH SOCKEYE SALMON MOUNT.  From Alaska:  Pending Line-class World Record....the specimen is in beautiful condition with nice proportions.  Also molded:  25-inch sockeye.  Available soon.....







Chum Salmon27-INCH CHUM SALMON.  Fresh from Alaska.  Specimen provided by Dennis Triana, holder of numerous IGFA World Records.







185-pound tarpon185-POUND TARPON MOUNT.  Perfect specimen of a robust poon with a big head.....girth of a 200-pounder but shorter, making it appear really huge!  This one is 82-inches in tip to tip length.







blueline tilefish specimenBLUELINE TILEFISH MOUNT. 30-inches in length...appproximately 12-pounds. February, 2012.








29-inch ALFONSINO specimenALFONSINO Mount.  Overall length:  29-inches.  Taken in over 800-feet of water near the Dry Tortugas.  Specimen provided by Rob Delph.








69=inch AMBERJACK - MoldingAMBERJACK MOUNT.  Overall length:  69-inches, actual weight 125 Lbs.  An extremely large amberjack.....taken from the waters in the area of the Dry Tortugas.....very impressive in size including girth....has nice detail in it's full fins and tail.







mounting of tarponTarpon Mount.  October 2011.  Taken in 50-feet of water near Venice, Louisiana, this 224-pound monster is likely the nicest large tarpon mold in existence.  Perfect in style and detail with no scales missing. Caught on a Coon Pop jig, named after it's inventor Captain Lance "Coon" Schouest of Houma, LA.  





80-inch greyhounding sailfishSailfish Mount.  August, 2011.  80-inches in overall length.  To resemble a live greyhounding sailfish with the dorsal fin folded mostly down.  Unique and extremely cool. 








20-inch Longtail BassLongtail Bass Mount.  20-inches from tip to tip.....taken in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast.....makes  a beautiful mount.







new 79-inch tarpon on molding tableTarpon Mount. 79-inches.   Molded July, 2011.  Angler unable to revive after a spectacular fight on Florida's south-west coast.  Radical head cock....wide open mouth.....big flip in the tail...would look great mounted vertically and double-sided.  This one is red hot.   tag no:  1000320





new 27-inch yellowtail snapperYellowtail Snapper Mount.  An extremely large specimen--the total length is 31-inches, although the upper fork of the tail is a little out of proportion.  The fish was caught near Key West.  June 2010.







new 34-inch hog snapperHog Snapper Mount.  Overall length is 34-inches.  Taken by spear with no holes in show side.  This is the nicest large hog snapper that we have ever seen.  Weight was around 18 pounds but took over two pounds of silicone to fill the stomach cavity....therefore it represents a 20-pound fish.  June, 2011.



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